Thursday, 7 January 2010


Hiya everyone.
Thank you so much for all the comments on my cards

BUT can anyone help me?

i have just entered a card in the PFP challenge .
and i need to know how to link there blog up to mine..I think i have kinda done it but
why is it where i put the pics of my cards on my page?
I know i am not talking much sense here so if anyone understands what i mean please can you tell me where i am going wrong lol.

why are the badages of other blogs that i am trying to link with not going on the side of my page?
and if anyone understands that.......... well you must be clever as i don't understand myself lol

lindsey xx

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  1. hi hunnie...have you got link to this post on or off..youll find it in posting in your settings if you go to my comments and scroll past my comments under there youll see i have create a link.. i think you need to put yes in a box i think its labelled convert hard breaks...although im not need to go into your settings formatting its the 7th one down the list...put it on yes and save go back to your post and if you now have create links (then the fun starts lol!!).let me know if anyone knows different though as im not sure 100%hope this helps hugs also the side bar you should go into lay out and add gadjet dont forget though to save every time sassyxxx