Thursday, 8 July 2010

distressing madness

I have had my distressing head on..... I saw a very similar card to this... On a website i have now actually lost and forgot the name of but there were so many fabulous cards on it that i just got so much inspiration i just had some cards.
I am loving all the Ranger and Tim Holtz stuff i just can't get enough unfortuneatly i can't afford everything all at once, so i have to make for do with little and often for
I have not been a very good blogger these past few weeks.
It's because i have got myself some new little friends... my 2 chickens, awe they are so sweet , there names are Thelma and Louise.
I have always wanted to own chickens since i was little, and now nearly half a century later i HAVE THEM woo hooo!!!
I am loving having them in my garden, feeding them and chatting away to them when it's a nice day.
when ever they hear me go into my kitchen the come scurrying to the kitchen door to see if i have any titbits for them.
My 2 dogs are quite good with them too, which i am pleased about. i also get 2 fresh laid eggs everyday, they are much nicer and tastier then shop bought eggs.

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